Asian Napa Salad Cooking Demo!

TV Episode 808: Asian Napa Salad Cooking Demo!


Ni Hao, Y'All! Here's Natalie Keng, guest host of Georgia Traveler TV, showing you how to make one of her favorite and most popular recipes, Asian Napa Slaw (aka Harvard Hottie Salad).

Watch Cooking Lesson: Asian Napa Salad (#808, starts 13:22)

Did you miss Natalie's other episodes or want a re-take on the list of eateries and recipe ingredients? Highlights include a whirlwind tour and taste of the eateries and shops along Buford Highway International Corridor and features the amazing fresh & exotic offerings of Hong Kong Supermarket and Cherian's International Groceries. Plus, catch Natalie back in the kitchen* with a very hands-on cooking lesson! Learn how to jazz up boring fruit salads and become the talk-of-the-party with a beautiful and delicious Exotic Fruit Salad! How many are new to you??

If you liked this and want to see more food and culture episodes with guest host, Natalie Keng, let the station know: Post a comment directly to the Georgia Traveler Facebook page, email or call the GPB comment line: in Atlanta area (404-685-2400 or outside Atlanta 800-222-6006.

Lots of foodie friends not in Georgia? Feel free to share and re-post the video links. The more the merrier :)


(*Special Thanks to Cooks Warehouse for providing their state-of-the-art kitchen and assistance.)


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