Soggy Stir-Fries!

No More Soggy Stir-Fries!

Following some simple steps will help your next stir fry snap!Soggy Stir Fry be gone!

  • Have everything ready before cooking: sliced vegetables, mixed sauce, minced 3 Gs (garlic, green onion, ginger). Stir-fry time should be only 1-2 minutes, no more. Color, aroma and taste come together!
  • Wait until oil and skillet are hot over medium/high heat for less soggy Stir Fry
  • Cook your meat first and set aside, separate from the veggies. If using bean sprouts, throw in at the very end. They wilt almost instantly. Don't leave your stir-fry in hot pan/wok on stove, it will keep cooking!
  • Mix a little cornstarch (1/2 t) to your stir-fry sauce before cooking. Salt releases the water in your veggies.
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