General Nat’s Chicken Tender Salad

General Nat’s Chicken Tender Salad

WHAT'S FOR DINNER: General Nat's Chicken Finger Salad

I made this in 5 min. Channeling a craving for General Tso's Chicken, I made my own warm salad with mesclun mix + winter greens from my garden and leftover tenders. The magic is in the dressing. Yes, I am the owner AND a customer! I adore using our natural sauces as DRESSINGS for slaw and salad! So easy and tasty, they are making me a lazy (but healthy) home cook. Believe you me, after leading a cooking class or food tour, I'm too tired to even lift a pair of chopsticks!

Do a vegetarian version with grilled tempeh or seitan. Do a hot version with wilted spinach or chard underneath (drizzle a touch of soy sauce or lemon juice) instead of salad greens.

More easy variations:

  • General Nat's Country Fried Steak Salad with Soy Ginger Vidalia dressing
  • Teriyaki Fried Oyster
  • Sweet Chili Peach Fried Fish Salad

See, you can have your chicken fingers and eat it too. Yummy, fast, and light! 

1.5 cups spring mix lettuce

2 chicken tenders, sliced bite size

Drizzle 1 tbs Sweet Chili Peach, 1 tbs Teriyaki Pineapple as dressing

Garnish w/sesame seeds. That's it!

Variations: Asian slaw, Tofu Vegetarian, tortilla or lettuce wraps, tacos, flat bread, over rice or noodles

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