Earth Day 2023: Sustainable Rice Cultivation

Earth Day 2023: Sustainable Rice Cultivation

Global Hearth celebrates Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. As a company, we pride ourselves on promoting sustainable, eco-friendly choices in our products and recommendations. 

When most of us think of rice fields, we vision expanses of flooded rice patties, Asian peasants with traditional conical hats, knee-deep in muddy waters, planting rows upon rows of seedlings…

There is a movement a-field that is impacting how rice is grown around the world for the better. S.R.I. (system of rice intensification) is a sustainable method of growing rice that benefits the land, the farmers (mostly women) and our health. The science and implementation behind S.R.I. is rooted in the concept of quality over quantity through healthier seedlings and increased productivity/yield with less labor, land and environmental degradation.

Cultural and political barriers are challenges to change and the adoption of S.R.I. in many countries. While S.R.I. may not be the panacea to world hunger and global warming, it appears to take a big step in the right direction.

S.R.I Friendly Companies 

Lotus Foods 

Anson Mills

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