*PRE-ORDER* Natalie's Cookbook-Memoir

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Asian Inspired, Southern Style
By Natalie Keng
*100 recipes celebrating inclusivity
and diversity at the dinner table*

Ni Hao, Y’All! Welcome to the dining table, a special, sacred
place. Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea: Asian Inspired, Southern Style
is in part a memoir of Natalie Keng’s personal food journey
growing up in the deep South. But make no mistake: This
is a cookbook full of tasty Asian-American and Southern
fusion dishes, sauces, and drinks that home cooks will enjoy
preparing and sharing.
Enjoy recipes like Fried Chicken Spring Rolls with Honey;
Rainbow Black-Rice Salad; Okra and Tomato Stir-Fry; Black-
Eyed Pea Hummus; Georgia Bourbon Coca-Cola Meatloaf;
Golden Milk and Sorghum Hot Toddy; and of course,
several recipes for egg rolls and sweet teas.
NATALIE KENG is the founder and CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of
Global Hearth, a multifaceted business that leverages the power of
food and culture through its Cooking Up a Better World platform
of inspiring, interactive, and impactful presentations, tours, and
events. Known as the Chinese Southern Belle, she has created an
award-winning line of family recipe cooking sauces, earning her the
title, The Sauce Maven. Keng is a graduate of Vassar College and
holds a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University’s
renowned Kennedy School. She lives in her hometown of Smyrna,
Georgia. This is her first foray into cookbooks.