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Chinese Southern Belle (CSB) is a multi-faceted business that uses food to connect people and culture– to build healthy, sustainable communities, support diversity, and strong local economies. Their offerings include an award-winning line of family-recipe cooking sauces, hands-on cooking classes; Asian market tours; custom food and cultural events & blog; multicultural consulting; and health & wellness demos.

CSB has been featured at national and local festivals, on PBS, GPB-TV, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Public Radio, Taste of Atlanta, Cook’s Warehouse, WXIA-TV, CBS Better Mornings, Georgia Organics, among others.




About Natalie Keng

 Natalie speaking on diversity

Natalie Keng is the Founder and CEO (“Chief Eating Officer”) of Global Hearth, a multi-faceted business that leverages the power of food and culture through its Cooking Up a Better World™ platform of inspiring, interactive, and impactful presentations, tours and events. Known as the Chinese Southern Belle™, she has created an award-winning line of family recipe cooking sauces, earning her the title The Sauce Maven™. Keng is a graduate of Vassar College and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She lives in her hometown of Smyrna, Georgia. Her first cookbook-memoir, Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea: Asian Inspired, Southern Style is now available for pre-order wherever books are sold and online.

As an Atlanta native, a graduate of Vassar College and Harvard Kennedy School, Natalie was on the forefront of integrating diversity, multicultural marketing and sustainability with the business “bottom line.” Growing up and working in the family restaurant, she picked up home-style, fusion dishes and techniques with her mother, aunts and grandparents as a young Georgia girl. 

After a career in leadership development, diversity and communications, she ran successfully for local elected office and served two terms. In 2009, she launched Chinese Southern Belle to continue teaching, sharing and inspiring positive multicultural relations through food and culture. She is a host & producer for PBS TV’s Georgia Traveler and currently is working on a book and a family history documentary about the Asian American experience. On rare breaks, you’ll find her snacking, playing tennis, riding her bike or playing arcade games. Fusball, anyone?


About Margaret Keng

 margaret greeting cooking class guests

 Margaret Keng was a “Teacher of the Year” and taught in public schools for over 17 years, co-owned the first Chinese restaurant in a mall, held the first Chinese cooking class in Cobb County in the 1980’s and has traveled the world as an international business consultant. Currently, she is an award-winning realtor and avid fisherman (fly-fishing and catch-and-eat). When she isn’t fishing, Margaret is a special guest co-host with Chinese Southern Belle.

asian american family in georgia

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Here’s to cross-cultural friendships, potlucks and eggrolls ‘n’ sweet tea!

Affiliations and Awards

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