Joy of Being Yourself: Authenticity in Food & Life

Joy of Being Yourself: Authenticity in Food & Life

Natalie shares how her cooking style and recipes reflect family, a sense of place, and heritage as a Chinese American and Southerner.

“As a little kid, I thought it was only about being Chinese,” she says. “That's what I was teased about, so that's how I defined myself – foreign, different, un-American. In actuality, as a native Georgian, I'm not only more American, but more Southern than most people in Atlanta. … I've had folks tell me flat out, you cannot be authentically Chinese and Southern. Well, that's who I am, and it's authentic to me, just like mom's Hot Hunan Catfish or dad's egg rolls and sweet tea.”

As early as the age of eight, Keng understood the expectation that she pitch in at the family restaurant. She worked through high school (even on football game nights), during college summers – no sacrifice was too big. She remembers her dad, a Georgia Tech engineer and a successful consultant, sending money back to China to her grandparents...."   READ MORE  Joy of Being Yourself

WATCH: Natalie Keng: Cookin' Up Authenticity in Food & Life (Video)


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