Governor's COVID19 Task Force Committee includes Health Educator Natalie Keng

COVID19 Task Force Committee includes Health Educator Natalie Keng

Stronger Together

I am honored to serve on the Governor's  COVID-19 Task Force and the Community Outreach Committee and will do my best to help our community weather through these trying times of need and change. I am inspired by the strength of our perseverance and many local examples and ongoing efforts of generosity and kindness of fellow citizens rallying to support each other creatively, emotionally and financially. 

Team Effort

While some issues are related and the situation is evolving, we are part of a larger Task Force and team of COVID-19 committees focused on different areas and includes a strong cohort of volunteers with diverse and specialized experience and expertise, and am privileged to serve among them. Most of us wear multiple hats and are plugged into the business and community in a wide range of roles. For example, I run a woman and minority-owned small business but am also a certified Health Educator, Inclusion/Equity officer, hold an advanced degree in Public Policy, Social Policy and serve on community and professional boards. Below is a list of the other Task Force Committees, for your reference and resource.

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