Black History, Our History: Remembrance, Inspiration and Stories from the South

Black History: Remembrance, Inspiration and Stories from the South

One Month Isn’t Enough

Whenever a “month” rolls around to celebrate a “minority group” like “Black History Month”, “Women’s History Month”, “Latino History Month” or “Asian History Month,”  I feel ambivalent and torn. A little bit like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Special and inspiring, yet woefully inadequate and kind of cheap. One day, one month to recognize and appreciate centuries of history, struggles, triumphs, contributions and generations of stories, heard and unheard. Really.

Nonetheless, any opportunity for reflection and celebration is a good opportunity!

Black History is Our History

I discovered this amazing and underappreciated historical site in Lithonia, Georgia. The mission of the Flat Rock Archives is to support the greater Flat Rock community by documenting, preserving, and making available the records and stories of former African American enslaved people and their descendants who have inhabited the Flat Rock area since the early nineteenth century. The Archives seeks to celebrate and share the legacy of rural African American culture from bygone eras with future generations. Thanks, Johnny, for the personal tour to the cemetery and your dedication to preserving the legacy.

Here are several more that I’ve been to that are definitely worth visiting:

I’d love to hear about your visits, experiences and additional recommendations to my short list of sites…


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